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Midtex was founded in 1918 in Mankato, Minnesota with the invention of the synchronous motor timer. Midtex has manufactured relays since the 1920s, first in military applications and later expanding into commercial applications. Today, the company's core focus is general purpose relays and power PCB relays. Midtex products are used in telecommunications, motion control, appliances, medical equipment, HVAC, instrumentation, motor control, security systems, portable equipment and many others. Midtex offers contact ratings from 0.5 amps to 30 amps, voltages from small signal to 600 Vac, motor ratings up to 2 hp and from 1 to 4 poles. Midtex relays also carry UL, CSA and TUV safety agency approvals on selected products. Midtex was acquired by CII Technology in 1993. CII was acquired by Tyco Electronics in 2001 and is now a brand in the Electromechanical, Solid State Relays & Contactors business unit of TE Connectivity.

Products Manufactured by Midtex
The types of products manufactured by Midtex include Communication/Signal PC Board Relays, High Performance Solid State Relays and Power Controllers, High Performance Time Delay Relays, Low Signal High Performance Relays, Mid-Range High Performance Relays, Sensors, Monitors & Protective Relays, Solid State Relays & Input/Output Modules, and Time Delay Relays and Timing Modules.

Obsolete Midtex Products
Obsolete, legacy and hard-to-find products from Midtex are also still widely available from March Electronics, either shipping directly from stock or sourced from excess inventory through our qualified network of OEMs. To submit an enquiry, you can either browse through some of the Midtex products we have available below or use the Part Search function above to search for the exact part number you require.